Saturday, 11 October 2014

A Look Into My Life | Open Days ~ Heriot Watt

Hey Guys

As you can clearly tell I have been away from the blogosphere for a while and I really have no excuse to say except maybe that I have been busy trying to plan my future...

I am now in my last year of secondary school and I am now planning on what I am going to do after school whether that is college, university or a gap year. Personally I would love to go travelling but I might have to wait a while to do that.

The past 2 days I went to my first open days; Heriot Watt University and Edinburgh University. Both of these uni's are based around Edinburgh, Scotland's capital, and I had to do so much travelling! I am wanting to do something with languages in the future with possibly teaching or business and both of these universities are both highly ranked for these.

First I was at Heriot Watt which is on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Heriot Watt is a campus and has that sort of your typical American University campus that you see on TV and in the movies feel to it. Personally I really liked that because 1. You don't have to go very far to get anywhere 2. Hopefully its not difficult to get lost 3. There isn't as many people there.

When I got there I was already booked on the languages department talk but I had some time to have a look around so I went to the exhibition bit where all the subjects had a stand and I was able to talk to one of the professors from that department and they were able to help with all of my questions and worries.

Then it was time for my booked talk. I was in a group of about 30 to 40 other people that were planning on taking a language course as well. During the talk that was led by the head of the Language School she told us about all the different courses and the differences between them as well as the differences between other universities. She also spoke a lot about your year abroad which is something I really want to do and hopefully teach English to students!

Once she had finished with the talk she introduced a 4th year students who then took us to the main languages building and gave us a tour of what the place was like we would be learning in. If I'm honest it was very impressive and the language labs are exact replicas of the UN and things like this so it would be a good transition between studying and working.

After leaving the tour I had basically the rest of the day to myself so I got to explore the campus. I sat in on the talks about Finance, Accommodation and Student Life. With every talk I got more excited about the prospect of University as well as seeing myself at Heriot Watt. I also went and spoke the Support Department because as I have spoken about before I suffer from anxiety and I wanted to see what things are in place there to help with this sort of thing.

The last thing I did was get a tour round all of the different variations you could get with the accommodation and again I kept picturing my life there and I actually liked the idea. I like Heriot Watt because its really near the city but also a bit away from it so you a bit of both worlds!

After the busy day I had I was so tired but as soon as I got into my bed I started looking through the prospectus to see if I could have a chance of getting in!

Now that I have seen what Heriot Watt is like I really like it and it is definitely going to be one of my choices!

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