Friday, 31 October 2014

The Halloween Tag

Hey Guys!

First off sorry I've posted this a bit later in the day than usual but so much has been going on concerning my health that I have had hardly any time to sort out a substantial blog post so I guess your stuck with a tag question one...

I hope this ok though and well it's about Halloween and today is Halloween so yeah...

1. What Is Your Favourite Halloween Movie?
It's actually really difficult for me to decide what movie is my favourite because I haven't actually seen an awful lot of Halloween movies but if I had to pick on it would probably be 'Casper The Friendly Ghost'.

2. If You Were Watching A Horror Movie How Far Would You Get?
I am a MASSIVE fan of horror movies so I can watch them all day long if I have to so I have no problem finishing one. Yes I get scared but it doesn't stop me from watching them because I love the adrenaline that they give off when you jump!

3. What Is Your Favourite Memory Of Halloween?
I can't think of a memory that stands out but one thing I always remember is when me and my nephew would go out guising it's what we call trick or treating in Scotland (or where I come from anyway) and we would go round all of these houses together and honestly have such a good time sometimes we even coordinated our outfits haha!

4. Your Best/Worst Halloween Costume?
My best costume is probably when I went as a dice... I had white leggings and I painted a massive cardboard box white and stuck all of the dots on it to make the numbers it's definitely one of my most inventive costumes!

My worst costume was actually a few years ago when I decided to go out guising that night of Halloween and going crazy around my house trying to find a costume. I ended up going as a dark fairy with just all black clothes and black lipstick it was honestly horrific looking at it now!

5. How Do You Get Into The Halloween Spirit?
There isn't a specific activity that gets me really excited for it just when I begin to make plans for it like a party or a horror night or guising that's usually when I get excited for it.

6. Favourite Halloween Decoration?
I'm pretty traditional when it comes to my favourite decoration and it would definitely be carved pumpkins it's a fun activity to do and you can get so creative with it and also you get pumpkin soup out of it!

7. Name One Unusual Thing You Are Afraid Of?
I'm not afraid of  things that most people are afraid of like spiders or the dark I'm most of afraid of people's opinions of me and stuff like that I think it's partly due to my anxiety but yeah...

8. Vampires or Zombies?
This question is far too easy to be honest it's definitely vampires hello who doesn't watch The Vampire Diaries?

9. Werewolves or Ghosts?
Again a super easy question it's werewolves...

10. Creepy Dolls or Creepy Clowns?
Ehmm this one is bit more difficult I love watching horrors that have either of them so I don't think I actually have an opinion I can't even say if there is one that slightly stands out...

So there you go my Halloween Tag hope you liked it!

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