Friday, 14 November 2014

A Guide To My Pinterest

Hey Guys!

One of my favourite social media platforms is probably Pinterest there isn't actually a reason why I just enjoy scrolling through my feed and posting things and seeing if other people throughout the wrld like the things as well.

So today I decided to give you a bit of a guide about what my boards are about and why I have them and I guess you will now have a little incite into how my brain works on Pinterest!

At this moment in time I have 28 Boards, 24,786 Pins, 46 Likes, 5,053 Followers and I'm following 70 other accounts.

My Pinterest is kind of set out into categories so that's why all the boards are placed in that order because you can change the order of them if you didn't know.

Most of my board covers the word to concentrate on is most!
Board Number 1 - The Saturdays - This board is basically a place for me to fangirl which happens a lot on my Pinterest. You definitely get to see how much of a fan girl I really am! In the description of the board it basically says that quite a lot of people in my year at school know me as the girl obsessed with The Saturdays and it's completely true! If you don't know The Saturdays are a British girl group and you should check them out!

Board Number 2 - I'm A Swiftie Are You? - The board that has anything and everything to do with the one and only Taylor Swift. I'm a massive fan of hers so of course I had to have a board dedicated to her. Now people have her judgements about her but I just connect to her music and lyrics so much that I admire and that's why I have a board about her!

Board Number 3 - The Vamps - A board about a band that I love. I acrually started this board when they were still on YouTube doing covers and hardly anyone knew who they were so I'm extremely proud of how much they have grown and hopefully I have helped with that through me pinning them on this board.

Board Number 4 - ONE DIRECTION infection - I don't post to this board as much as I used to because I'm not as obsessed with them as I was when I created the board but I still enjoy their music sometimes and I'm not gonna lie they are pretty nice to look at so why not have a board dedicated to them?

Board Number 5 - #OTH - A TV that has pretty much changed how I look at life and also has hopefully changed me as a person for better. Who knew a TV show could do that but One Tree Hill has so that's why it has a board?! Also Naley is my OTP so that also contributes to having a board for it and honestly if you feel like crap it's a great TV show to get sucked into it's certainly what I do if I'm having a really bad day...

Board Number 6 - #90210  - Again this is a board that I haven't posted a lot to since the show finished a year and a half ago but it's still because it was the first show that I ever properly hardcore fangirled at and I still love it I mean Lannie is just perf so...

Board Number 7 - #TVD  - My Pinterest certainly shows how many TV shows I watch and also how much a fangirl over it so a board based on The Vampire Diaries certainly isn't a surprise. This board is filled with things to do with TVD whether that is actually scenes, promotional shots or really funny memes.

Board Number 8 - #PLL  - Pretty Little Liars is a show that pretty much every teenage girl can't go without watching if not for the great wardrobe the cast has to the hot boys or the plot that you just can't get your head around. I mean the letter A just freaks me out now!

Board Number 9 - #TeenWolf  - The last of the boards that are based on TV shows but this board is based on probably one of my top 5 favourite TV shows which you probably haven't gathered from the number of posts it has about it ;)

Typical Girly Stuff
Board Number 10 - My Style  -  Way back when Pinterest started they gave you suggestions on board names that you had to at least pick about 3 of them I think. I'm not sure if they still do this but this board is actually the only board that has stayed on my Pinterest that has the same name. My Style is pretty self explanatory a board that has pins to do with clothes that I love and would probably wear if I had them.

Board Number 11 - Rings and Things  - A board that has pins dedicated to accessories. Even though personally I hate to wear any type of jewellery no typical reason I just don't even though I would love to be able to wear it so I would say that I live pretty vicariously through this board.

Board Number 12 - Boys, Boys, Boys  - Again a board that is pretty self explanatory.  A board that is filled with picture of boys that I admire and not gonna lie that I think are not too bad to look at.

Board Number 13 - Girls, Girls, Girls - This board is basically the exact same as the board before except this time its for the opposite sex and also I look up to these women a lot more.

Board Number 14 - It's A Girl Thing :) - A board which is filled with those typical white girl things that I relate to and also filled with relationship goals there are a lot of  'just girly things' pins so be warned!

Boards Number 15 - A Frozen Moment In Time - This board is probably more of the sort of arty type. Over the past couple of months I have really gotten into photography so this board is a collection of photos that I love whether its of building, scenery or just people having fun!

Board Number 16 - Him & Her - Your typical board filled with cute coupley photos totally relationship goals haha

Board Number 17 - When Words Fail MUSIC Speaks - My favourite lyrics from my favourite songs all in the one place whether it's a lyric that reminds me of an amzing memory or just a lyric that describes exactly how I'm feeling this is where it is...

Board Number 18 - Words of Wisdom  - Quotes that inspire, motivate and just speak me...

Board Number 19 - Time To Get Your Revision On - All the tips and tricks you need to actually be good at studying and also to find the motivation to do it. This board is one I look at a lot when I need a new and exciting way to study.

Board Number 20 - Shipping <3 - This has all of my OTP's in the one place. If there is a couple that I like whether it's from a book, film, tv show it will probably be here.

Board Number 21 - Television is my Obsession  - Every single tv show that I have watched and loved!

Board Number 22 - MUSIC = LIFE -  Again a board filled with everything musical related that I obsess over.

Board Number 23 - Movie Time - All of the movies that I have watched and have taking a great liking to.

Board Number 24 - Take Me Away To A Far Off Place - If you have read my favourites posts you guys will certainly know how much I love a good book! And that is what this board is filled of! Books I've read, books I want to read and just pictures of books altogether!

Board Number 25 - Harry Potter O-O - Lets be honest who isn't a Potterhead nowadays so of course I needed a board filled with a magical land that has been pretty important throughout my life growing up!

Board Number 26 - I Don't Even Know To Be Honest - A place for all the pins that don't actually fit into any of the other boards that I have...

Board Number 27 - Catriona... - I'm certainly not ashamed to have a board that is basically dedicated to self promotion but this is filled with all of the posts that are on my blog!

Board Number 28 - Designing My Space  - My interior design dreams, wishes and just full on envy.

So there you have it a guide to my Pinterest page if you don't follow I think you are missing out even if I am a bit bias so go follow!

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