Monday, 10 November 2014

October Favourites

Hey Guys!

So it's been a while since I've done a favourites post so I thought I should do one for October. If I'm honest I can't think of any beauty products that stand out because I don't use them a lot so if that is what your looking for your not going to find it here!

My first favourite is a TV show that I got back into recently over the past month. It was actually one of my favourites away back in June where I wrote about it there. And it's the TV show Gossip Girl. Now I know it has finished but I just never had the time to finish it and when I actually found out who Gossip Girl I was so shocked! I'm actually quite pleased at myself that I didn't look at any spoilers in advance so I was totally in the dark about who it was going to be!

I have been reading an awful lot of different series of books at the moment like Game Of Throne, The Mortal Instruments and Beautiful Creatures. But last month one of my best friends raved about this book called the Maze Runner so I went out and got it and OMG it's amazing! It's like the Hunger Games along with something completely else! There is also a movie that has been released but I'm still to see it yet!

Next up is my favourite movie... Recently I have been shown a lot of the popular animation movies that have recently come out over the past couple of years that I have just had no time to watch. This is including Despicable Me. I really enjoyed this movie and I found it hilarious! As soon as I finished I had to go and watch the second one!

I recently got an Instagram account in August I think and well I'm really enjoying it! If you want to see what I post you can follow me if you want! It is filled with day to day pictures of what I've been up to, what it looks like around where I live and also my battles with mental health issues...

This next favourite is extremely random but I have constantly been having BLT's for my lunch. If you don't know what this is it is basically a roll with bacon, lettuce and tomato. They are so tasty and a local place called The Pit Stop makes the best ones ever!

Another really random foody favourite of mine has been Tunnock's Tea Cakes. I don't know if you can get them outside of Scotland but basically it has a biscuit base and then filled with this marshmallow stuff and then completely covered in chocolate they are such a good midnight snack I'm telling you!

My ultimate favourite though is probably that after 2 years of waiting Taylor Swift has finally released her fifth album 1989! I love Taylor Swift and I hope to get tickets to her 1989 World Tour because she is coming to Glasgow!!!! I have a post up on my though of 1989 so if your interested you can go have a look.

If I'm honest that is all of the things that I can think of that I have been loving this month. I admit it isn't as many as some of my other posts but I have loved a lot of the same things over this past month and well yeah :)


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