Tuesday, 25 November 2014

What Happened During My Weekend | November

Hey Guy!

First things first I wasn't to apologise for not posting yesterday which was when this was supposed to go up but I just didn't have the time so you are going to have to deal with it being posted today.

This past weekend has honestly been so busy compared to my normal weekends where I spend most of my time in my bed but not this weekend oh no!

I went to two shows and a film so I thought I would tell you about it because it was pretty out of the ordinary for me.

Friday 22nd November I went up to Glasgow with my dancing class to go and see Edward Scissorhands: The Ballet in the Theatre Royal. There is only 3 of us in my class and we are also the oldest so that's why we went. I met up with my class and my teacher at around half 4 to drive up to Glasgow. We decided to have dinner beforehand at Cafe Hula which is right across the road from the Theatre. None of us had been there before and by the end of our dinner we were all sure we would be back! It had a rustic feel to it or that was what we all said anyway :'). I had the pasta dish it changes daily but it was like carbonara with penne pasta. It was delicious and afterwards I had a slice of a chocolate brownie and some ice cream. It came in this really cute little dish an was honestly the right amount for a desert! Once we finished our dinner we went across the road to the theatre to meet up with two of my dancing teachers friends. We had great seats! We were in the second row in the upper circle which was great because we got to see all the dancing perfectly! I was optimistic about what the ballet was going to be like because traditional ballet performances can be a bit boring and some of the more modern ones have seemed a bit 'trippy' because it's just so weird but not this one! It was honestly amazing! It was ccontemporary ballet which is incredible to watch and there was so much going on at one time that you honestly had no idea where to look at any one time! As soon as it had finished I was like "we only just sat down to watch this" I loved it that much!

Saturday was extremely busy compared to normal. The first thing is that I had to get up at 9:00 on a Saturday which is honestly a crime! I met up with my best friend to again go up to Glasgow to go and see another show but this time it was at a different theatre. We got up to Glasgow this time no bother compared to the last time we went up to Glasgow which I was extremely glad for! We had about an hour or so before the box office opened so we could pick up our tickets so we went for lunch. We decided to just stay at Central and go to the Costa that was there. I had this amazing panini to be honest I have no idea what it was all I know was that it tasty really good! I also had one of there Christmas Special drinks because my usual was taken off the menu... I hope this is only because they have the seasonal drinks in at the moment! So instead of my usual sticky toffee cooler I had a chocolate brownie hot chocolate which was so tasty because it had mini brownie pieces in it! After lunch was finished we strolled through Glasgow until the  box office opened and then we went to the King's Theatre. We actually had really good seats! We were right in the middle of the stalls in front of the balcony. The performance of Jesus Christ Superstar was great! You could tell it was an amateur performance but it's a lot better than I could do! Jesus Christ Superstar really isn't one of my favourite musicals but I still enjoyed the afternoon. Once it had finished Sean and I went our separate ways because Sean was going back home and I was going to my sisters house.

I then got a short train journey to my sister's house to meet up with my niece because we were going to see Mockingjay. The viewing wasn't until half 10 at night so we had plenty of time to just catch up. The usual girly stuff was talked about over our KFC which was so good because I haven't had one in months! It felt like we were waiting ages until it was finally time for us to make our way over to the cinema but not before going and spending £15 on chocolate... When we finally got to the cinema we both got a tango ice blast which I really recommend because they are so tasty! Once we were in our seats the excitement was bursting out of me. Finally the lights dimmed and the film began. I won't say any spoilers except that it really is an amazing movie and if you have read the book first (like you should always do!) you will be pleased with it. Now it is a bit of a filer film because not much happens in the first half of the book but I would still recommend you go and see it!

So that was my fun filled weekend! I bet mine wasn't as busy as yours...

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