Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Girl Online ~ Book Review

Hey Guys!

It's 04:56 in the morning and I have just finished Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. I loved every single second of it and thought I would give you my thoughts about it.

I have done a few album, film and TV show reviews but never a book so this is a first for Catriona... so please bare with me while I try and get the hang of it!

I was first drawn to Girl Online because of the author Zoe Sugg also known as Zoella a British YouTuber. I have been watching Zoe's videos for a long time now and when I heard that she was going to be writing a book I just knew that I had to check it out because I love the way she writes her blog.

Girl Online is about a girl called Penny who writes an anonymous blog called Girl Online which is also the title. She struggles with your usual teenage problems like boys, friends, fitting in as well as suffering from anxiety after she was in a car crash. Penny's family is called out to New York at the last minute to plan a wedding and while there she meets a mysterious boy named Noah who shows her his side of new York. Things begin to get serious between the two of them and Penny feels like she is beginning to fall in love for the first time. But Noah has a huge secret that he is keeping from her that could expose Penny as Girl Online.

I don't want to say anymore than because I really don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it and wants to!

Personally I relate to Penny in many ways. The fact that she has a blog is an obvious one except that mine isn't anonymous, that she loves taking photographs, she finds it difficult fitting in in the the real world and also how both Penny and I suffer from anxiety. I have never related so much to a character before so that was something I enjoyed while reading it.

One of my favourite things about Girl Online is the fact that Penny suffers from anxiety. It shows that I'm not the only one in the world suffering. I feel that the whole topic of  Mental Health seems to have a taboo around so the fact that a books main character suffers from anxiety definitely shows that finally people are beginning to take notice that Mental health is a topic that needs to be dealt with.

I also love the fact that it deals with all the bad stuff that comes with the internet like all the hate that really isn't needed. An important message in the book is to think before you click the submit, post, tweet, update, pin it button and see whether it is what you would like to be said about you. Which I think is something that every single one of us needs to remember

I know there has been a lot of controversy over Girl Online because Zoe didn't write the book herself but if I'm honest that doesn't bother me. It is a great book (and I'm not just saying that because Zoe wrote it) with a storyline that I can relate to and if at times it's a bit unrealistic it is realistic at the same time if that makes any sense?

While reading Girl Online a few quotes stuck out to me and I actually took a note of them while I was reading it and they are...

" For the first time ever I felt as if my life is my own - that I'm in charge of my own destiny."

I took a note of this line because  it shows that recovery is possible and that you won't always be stuck in the situation that you are in.

"As the fear of the panic attacks get bigger and bigger it seems to be making my world feel smaller and smaller."

Now this line struck home a little because it is exactly how I feel and exactly what I have been doing with my life.

That is my opinion of Girl Online. I recommend this to pretty much everyone who loves a good read but especially people who suffer from anxiety or another type of mental illness because there are some great tips in there!

I want to say congratulations to Zoe for writing a book that has demonstrated my life perfectly even though I don't have a Noah in it and I cannot wait to see what is to come of her future as an author!

Have you read Girl Online? If so what was your opinion of it?