Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello 2015!!

Hey Guys!

So 2015 is finally upon up and if I'm honest it hasn't really sunken in yet. It's time for a fresh start and to make changes in our lives that we didn't have the guts to make while we were in the middle of 2014.

We all make New Years Resolutions and they last until mid February maybe if your lucky even March! This year I decide just to make some small goals that will help me live a happier life.

2014 was probably the toughest year of my life because I finally reached out into getting help with my anxiety and depression. My fight with my mental is still going so hopefully 2015 will be my year where I can start to go back to who I used to be!

Also there might be a few changes to this blog as well now that we are into the new year. I have so many blog post ideas and I just don't feel like posting twice a week like I do now is enough so I'm going to now be posting on a Wednesday as well! It might not be every week but it will probably be most weeks.

1. My first resolution is to get into a good routine. I'm finding this super difficult at the moment to get up at a reasonable time and leave my bedroom and actually start living my life instead of hiding away.

2. Work harder into getting my mental health a lot more manageable. I give up really easily at the moment if there is something that is happening I usually just decide not to face it but no more!

3. Eat better. This is most people's resolution but my routine for food is a disgrace so I just need to work on eating at regular intervals.

4. Try and be more sociable. I suck at planning things with my friends and actually following through so I want to meet up with them more because most of the time I have such a good time once I've don it.

5. Take more photos. In 2014 I (finally) started an Instagram account and I think that this has lead me into taking more photos and I want to take even more! Especially that this is my final year of school and I finish in June!

That is 5 resolutions that I have made. If I stick to even just one of these but I know that if I at least try with these my life will hopefully be a lot more happier!

Here's to 2015 being the best year yet!!