Friday, 9 January 2015

When I'm Anxious I... | Have a bath

Hey Guys!

As 2015 is now upon us one thing I want to focus on is my mental health. I went through some very big lows last year concerning it and this year I want to take steps into making it better.

That's why today I'm creating a wee Step By Step Guide to help you out if you are feeling stressed or anxious to help you to begin to  relax. If you suffer from anxiety or not I believe that we should all take some time in our daily lives to just relax even if it is just for 5 minutes!

Today's post is for after a long day at school, work, college or even at home and you just need to unwind. All the tension has built up in your body and you just need to seclude yourself from the world for a little bit. For me I have a bath. Usually I have one mid-weekish to help get through till the weekend. Since doing this weekly I often find myself re-energised and ready to face the day.

Here is what I do... (Some of these steps are optional)

Step 1: Run A Bath
A simple first step but it gets the ball rolling. If you do this first if gives you time to sort out other stuff.

Step 2: Choose A Bath Bomb Or Not
Personally I don't like to use bath bombs a lot because they aren't actually good for you if you use them a lot so I mix and match between bath bombs, bubble bath and nothing at all. Today I went for a bath bomb from Lush called Father Christmas. Because it was a special edition bath bomb I couldn't find the link for the exact one but here is the main Lush website.

Step 3: Add The Bath Bomb Or Alternative
This is possibly one of my favourite steps! I love watching the bath bomb react to the water and see it fizzing about and changing the colour of the bath.

Step 4: Light Some Candles
I don't always do this step it definitely depends on the mood but I enjoy having the smell of the candle(s) especially if I'm having a bath in just plain water. These candles are a make called Purdie's of Argyll. They used to have a shop where I live but it went away. These candles are amazing and handmade so you should go and have a look. The candles I'm burning at the moment are 'Merry Christmas' and 'Poppy'.

Step 5: Choose Some Sort Of Music
I rave about an app called 8tracks all the time and it is where I go often for a pre-made bath playlist. I usually just choose a playlist that I have recently been loving and liked. If you want to see my account you can!

Step 6: Do You Have Reading Material?
When in the bath I vary between reading magazines or the book I'm currently reading. Again it depends on what type of mood I'm in and how much time I have to be in the bath. At this moment in time I am reading the final book in the Mortal Instruments series called City Of Heavenly Fire.

The best bit of course is actually having the bath! I mix between going by candle light or not sometimes I even do both. As you guys can see the bath bomb actually turned my bath GREEN!! Which was such a surprise.


So that's what I do after a day that I have been extremely anxious and need to just have some me time. What do you do?