Thursday, 29 September 2016

A Boots Haul


Is it just me or do all your products always finish at the same so you need to go spend a small fortune on all things hygienic?! Honestly it happens to me all the time. I really needed to stock up on these necessities so a trip to Boots was on the cards and I thought why not share what I got as they do have some great deals on at the moment!

First up was deodorant. I was dangerously low and  needed some asap. I love Dove's Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena scent and knew I was on the hunt for that but when I got to my local store (Buchanan Galleries) there was none of the normal size but they did have some of compressed size cans so I snapped 2 of those up instantly as you can never have too much deodorant! It was also down to £2.00 instead of £3.50 so I saved £1.50!

Next on my list was face wash. I've tried many over the years but I've really enjoyed Neutrogena's Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Scrub. I talk about it more in my Skin Care Routine post so I knew that I was more than likely to repurchase this product. Again when I got there there was deal on 2 Neutrogena products for £5 which is a right bargan as the face wash is usually £4.79 so again I picked up 2! I would seriously go check out this deal as it is on both the pink grapefruit range and the blackhead eliminating range. Plus they have changed the packaging and have these really cute designs on them now.

Usually I buy the Garnier Pure Active Micellar Water which is specifically for oily and acne prone skin but they had none so this time I got the sensitive skin one which is the pink bottle. This was also on special honestly so many deals in this haul! It was down to £3.32 saving me £1.67. I'll let you know if I prefer the this version to the one I normally use.

I take my makeup off with the Micellar Water and cotton pads which I had run out of as well... So I picked up Boots' own Cotton Wool Double Faced Oval Pads. I love these as they don't tear if a lot of liquid is on them. They had a deal where buy 1 get the other 1/2 price so I just took it as you can never have enough cotton pads.

My last necessity was razors. I am the worst for remembering to buy these and have been meaning to do it for ages and I am so glad I've finally got some more! I mix and match with the brand for razors as well in my eyes it's just a razor... This time I went with Wilkinson Sword's Quattro for women withe the aloe formula. As with all the other products so far these were on special offer down to £3.86 from £5.80.

Finally I had everything that was on my 'must pick up instantly list' and was going to head to the checkout when I spotted the new NYX counter... Seems like every Blogger and their mother have been banging about this brand and especially their liquid lipsticks so I thought why not eh? I picked up their Soft Matte Lip Cream in the shade Cannes. It is a nude shade slightly more on the pink side of things than brown. I'll let you know my thoughts on this product as well as my experience using a liquid lipstick for the first time soon!

That's my Boots haul! As you can see I picked up some great deals I guess being a student you learn when a deal is a good deal! When was the last time you went to Boots?